EXPERTISE 3 is the logical continuation of the previous two EXPERTISES 1 and2. Here you will learn how to predict future events with the techniques of the ancient astrology, with very good precision.

It is advisable, but not compulsory to complete the previous levels of horoscope analysis as they contain valuable astrological knowledge that you cannot find elsewhere.

After completing the classes of EXPERTISE 3, you have the needed knowledge to become astrologer. Astrologer you will be after obtaining the needed experience that naturally and you will gradually accumulate with the time. In addition to that, learning astrology and recovering the ancient forgotten knowledge of the real astrology is a never ending process. That does not take place only in this lifetime, but we carry from incarnation to incarnation and your interest in astrology is a result of past life astrological history of your soul.

Enjoy studying with us the the pure and undiluted ancient knowledge of the ancients!