English version by N. K. Sandars
To understand the ancient astrology, we need to know the Babylonian mythology.

Enûma Eliš
– The Mesopotamian epic of creation

We need to understand the Mesopotamian mythology in depth in order to be able to learn the ancient astrology and its secrets.

Contents of the text lesson:
– Definition
– Use
– Example horoscope

Our goal here is to find the mapping between the contemporary astronomical coordinate systems and the coordinate system used in ancient Babylon which was the Babylonian zodiac. Having this mapping will make us able to project any celestial body on Babylonian zodiac using it’s contemporary astronomical coordinates.

The purpose of this article is not to make a reclame of the fixed Babylonian sidereal zodiac. He does not need advertising because he is astronomical and has endured the test of time from antiquity up until today.

The applications of astrology are many, but the most important ones are its power to describe people’s character, personality, provide understanding of person’s life and the reasons behind certain events, prognosticate others, describe, and interpret one’s fate.