Welcome to our Classes!

They are divided into three Expertises or three Levels. This is to have them well organized and easy to follow.

These are three Expertises of Ancient Astrology with emphasize on the Hermetic Babylonian principles as the purest, the most authentic, scientific, astronomical, and valid and reliable astrology is the one of Hermes.

Follow the three Expertise levels one by one and you will see how fascinating the ancient knowledge is! It is also never ending. With every Expertise class you will notice that the journey has just started!

The ancient astrology with the fixed sidereal Babylonian zodiac is the astrology that literally shows you what is happening on the sky and so that you can follow up the “anatomy of the sky” that includes not only the celestial bodies, but also their divinities!

Everything matters, but start with the most important, the real ancient knowledge of the sky!